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My Editing Services

As a developmental editor I meet clients where they are, guiding and assisting them in all stages of writing – from conception to execution to revision. As your second set of eyes, I can help you figure out what is not working in your writing. Most importantly, I provide my clients with practical steps for tackling their specific challenges.

With an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and a Joint-doctorate in English and Media studies, I combine my expertise in storytelling with my analytical training to help my clients not only overcome their writing struggles and meet their goals but also develop an understanding an appreciation for their own unique style.

My skill set is suited for all your academic, creative, and professional needs such as….

ACADEMIC: dissertation chapters, prospectus, articles, fellowship applications, conference presentations, monographs, Fulbright essays, personal statements, writing samples

CREATIVE: short stories, novellas, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, memoirs, essays, plays, novels, screenplays, jokes, stand-up routines

PROFESSIONAL: cover letters, think pieces, institutional communication, newsletters



Still unsure of how I can help? Here are a few indications that a collaboration may be beneficial:


  • You find yourself writing in circles.

  • Your organization does not seem to provide a solid structure for your argument.

  • You’re stuck staring at the blank page, unsure of how to start.

  • You’ve received a letter from journal reviewers, but you are uncertain of how to address their critiques.

  • You are satisfied with your draft but your prose could use some more style.

  • You can sense that something is “off” but you are not quite sure what or how to fix it.

  • You don’t feel comfortable asking your overworked friend to give you feedback on your writing.

  • You’ve reread your own draft so many times you are no longer sure if it “makes sense.”

  • Your revision is due in two weeks and you still have several pages to cut to meet the word count.


This comprehensive package fine-tunes your entire manuscript. We begin with high-level editing – e.g. story arc, character development, structure, clarity, textual evidence, etc. – and move down to low-level editing, to strengthen the narrative/argument and polish the prose.


  • developmental editing with in-text comments and an in-depth edit letter with analysis and action plan

  • one-hour video or phone consultation

  • a reread report with feedback on the revised version of the manuscript

  • line editing at the sentence and paragraph levels

  • Proofreading


This service includes line editing and proofreading. This package is ideal
for writers who are satisfied with their story/argument and organization and are ready to strengthen and perfect their prose. Edits are delivered using Microsoft Word Track Changes.


  • line editing for concision, correctness, clarity, and consistency at the sentence and paragraph levels

  • proofreading for objective correctness


This package includes a draft critique, a developmental edit, and a reread report. This option is ideal for drafts that need deep revisions.


  • a written critique of the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses

  • in-text comments

  • in-depth edit letter with analysis and action plan

  • one-hour video or phone consultation

  • a written report on the revised version of the manuscript


This service is available to writers who pursue a developmental edit or a draft critique. An additional review of the revised draft concludes in a brief written report evaluating the success of the revisions and outlining a plan for moving forward.


Includes: written feedback on the revised version of the manuscript.


This is a budget-friendly option for writers who need feedback on the
high-level elements of their work – e.g. story arc, character development, structure, clarity, textual evidence, etc. This critique will provide you with a thorough understanding of your written work, and a plan for tackling revisions. For deeper overall feedback, authors can pursue a draft critique prior to a deep developmental edit.

Includes: a written critique of the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses

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