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Finding Your Flow

Whether you’re a playwright, novelist, academic, or professional blogger, writing can be hard and writer’s block seems unavoidable.  However, I oftentimes find writing is challenging for three reasons:


        (1) you are rushing to complete the product without reflecting on the process

        (2) you’re attempting to subscribe to a one-size-fits-all writing process

        (3) you’ve forgotten how to make writing fun, or that it even could be



In this workshop, you will use writing as a tool to help you understand, accept, and maximize your own unique writing practice.  Over the span of five weeks, we will work together to unpack your limiting beliefs, demystify your routines, and bring joy back to the writing process.



Through weekly 1-on-1’s, individualized feedback, reflective writing activities, and a community of fellow writers you will:

                    Develop a stronger sense of your writerly identity

                    Strengthen your ability to troubleshoot & solve your own writing issues

                    Cultivate a more productive and enjoyable writing practice



SIGN UP by midnight Sept. 16th for a $50 discount

Coupon Code: LETITFLOW

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